Visiting Assisted Living / Memory Care

All Assisted Living/Memory Care visitors are required to complete a Visitors Screening form to gain entry.

Visitor Screening Form


NY Forward Safety Reopening Plan


Visitation Fact Sheet


General Information:

  • Visits will be available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

During your visit:

  • Wash your hands immediately at the onset of your visit and right before your departure. (Alcohol hand gel will be provided).
  • We suggest you wear your masks and any personal protective equipment that is provided to you at ALL times.

After your visit:

  • If you develop any symptoms of illness during the next 14 days after your visit, please notify Woodland Pond infection control team, by calling the reception desk at ext. 5910 or calling 845-256-5910 and asking to speak with nursing administration.