When Is the Right Time to Move to Senior Living?

Too often, people wait until they have a significant health-related event before deciding to move to senior living. Yet just as often, after a year or two in independent living, residents will say they wish they’d moved sooner. When is the right time?

Consider how you like to spend your time today. You may prefer not to be tied to the expense and responsibilities of owning and maintaining a home. Think how energizing it would be living and dining among friends — interesting people with stories to tell.

Now imagine your life in five or 10 years. Will you still be driving? Will your friends be as mobile and as apt to visit as they are now? What if your health status changes? These issues — isolation, diminishing mobility, the need for care and assistance — should also be considered carefully.

Sooner is better.

Independent living at a senior living community in New Paltz is designed to be your time to explore new opportunities, keep your mind sharp and your body active. Choosing independent senior living today means you’ll always have something meaningful to do, on campus and off. Living at Woodland Pond introduces you to new friends and provides easy access to swimming, aerobics, yoga, weight training and exercise classes. Think how challenging it might be to participate in such activities if you continue to live at home as you age. It’s also easier to engage in new interests, volunteering and cultural events.

Choosing independent senior living while you’re still in excellent health also gives you time to establish yourself in your new home. You’ll build relationships and become part of the community. You’ll be prepared if you need to spend time in rehabilitation or move to another level of living. You’ll be among friends and capable professionals who know you and are ready to help and serve.

Let’s talk about simplifying your move.

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