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How has Woodland Pond Senior Living Community Weathered the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Michelle GramogliaWorldwide, the coronavirus pandemic has tested communities: schools, businesses, governments, and families. What seemingly started off as distant news headlines quickly hit close to home, requiring many to rise to a challenge they never foresaw. Decisions had to be made, or risk the lives of those within the community itself.

But one retirement community in the Hudson Valley has miraculously weathered this storm with zero positive resident cases of coronavirus. Woodland Pond, a continuing care retirement community in New Paltz, NY, has so far managed to keep its residents healthy and safe, even those going to and coming from the hospital.

Navigating a situation as dynamic and unpredictable as this pandemic, one that has spread the globe, and New York in particular, requires a quick, multifaceted response. And while Woodland Pond has been recognized by many for the early action at the onset of the pandemic, there’s something else within their community that has strengthened themselves and each other.

To find out exactly what Woodland Pond is all about, read the full conversation in Hudson Valley Magazine with the community’s president and CEO, Michelle Gramoglia, a Hudson Valley Magazine Women in Business winner.

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